Season 2011/12


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  • We finished 9th, same as in season 2010/11, 8th place in season 2009/10 and 2008/09, 6th place in season 2007/08.
  • We managed to battle to 31 points compared to 32 in 2011,41 in 2010, 40p 2009 and 38p 2008. However in 2009 and 2010 we had 2 games more. Our points per game average remained 1.3ppg.
  • We scored 53 goals and received 62, compared 50:59 2011, 64:59 in 2010, 78:69 in 2009 and 81:72 in 2008.  -9 goal difference the last 2 years.
  • We reached the Qtr final in the Cup winning against Vikings after penalty shoot out in the 1st round. Penalties converted by Anne Frank, Mr 100% Klemm, just enough stamina for a penaltyTommy and Dan Smith. Missed penalty goes to Flocki Frey. In the qtrs we faced the Rangers and this time we lost our luck. Penalties converted by Mr 100% Klemm, Dan Smith and Heussi. Not to forget the missed one, I will never shoot a penalty again Flocki Freyand I really can shoot above the cross bar from 11 meters Bursakovic. (Pls note penalty shoot out scores are not considered in the statistics)

Games played

  • We fielded 46players this season (44,50,52).
  • The title of Mr Reliability for the season goes to Cat Zafer Evren for a remarkable 22games out of 26 possible games (88%). Others to name who crossed the magic 70% participating rate are: Mr 100% Klemm and Madse B. with 20, followed by Dr. Sascha Heussler 19, Schachner and Cylle with each 18 appearances.
  • In terms of minutes played (relying on the 150% accurate substitution records provided in the reports) the title of Mr. Endurance also goes to Cat Zafer with 1,950 minutes, followed by Madse 1,756 minutes and Mr 100% Klemm 1,712 minutes.


  • Title defender Volle converted 19 times in 2011/12. Top scorer of the season goes back to Mr. 100% Klemmwith 12 goals. Thereof Michael converted 6 out of 6 penalties. The lowest no of goals for a top scorer since I remember.
  • Second place goes toAndy Distelman with5 goals and third toRonny and Heussi with 4 goals each.
  • Other notable scorers: Anne Frank, Flo Pinz, Cylle, Robsn and Peter all 3, Pipo, Niki, Flocki, Jan, Dan Smith, M. Kotterer and Goekan Yueksel all2, and finally with1 goal to Bursakovic and our Oesi Brenzmikar
  • Other notable non-scorers: Madse (I can not shoot anymore), Dr. H. Bergmann (aus Ludwigshafen) (not even in our own goal this season), Schachner (last goal long time ago), McEss Mecklenburg (season average weight 120), Jens Taubken ( I will never score for GAS), Marius Teich (I don’t want to score even in our practice sessions). ( All players with more than 10 games)

Mr Effectivity

  • In terms of Goals / GameMr Effectivity goes toAndy with 1.250 scores / game.
  • Followers are Markus Michel “Anne Frank”, Marco Kotterer and Mr. Brezmikar with 1.000 goal per game.

Men of the match

  • Leading men-of-the-match isnobody (we had 22 votes). Bursak, Nock, Mechklenburg, Michel and von Pein with 2 votes each. One vote for Pinz, Weiss, Frey. Binder, Yueksel, Wiechmann, Roeser, Kotterer, Vetter, Moser, Glunz, Distelmans. Very well distributed and no “Aussenseiter”.
  • Notably our opponents awarded MoM(Total votes 12)4 times Klemmi and2 times Zafer. Each one vote goes to Heussi, Dolenga, Vetter, Kotterer, von Pein and Bursak.


  • Another German tradition was upheld withzero missed penalties. Our lowly 9 penalties were duly converted by Mr. 100% Klemmi6x, Dan Smith 2x and 1x Anne Frank. In total 6 penalties more than last season
  • That is a clear indication that fast and small stikers falling easier than slow and toll stikers (isn’t it right  Volle?)

Final information

  • We won 10 games, drew 1 and lost 13. (SCC 0 points, Casuals 0 points, Red Rock 6 points, Rangers 3, Swiss 3, Vikings 0, Hibs 1, Latini 3, Hotspurs 0, Olympic 3, Nippon 6, Hollandse 6)
  • Leader in the disciplinary table is Schachner with 8 yellow cards
  • In the CL we finished all games with 11 players. Thanks to Dr Bergmann with the only double yellow card in the cup game vs Vikings.
  • Last but not least: The most used Nickname of this season: “Sex-Schacher”

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