As you found out by now, the German All Stars are a fun-loving, party-addicted, and socially-unchallenged football team in Singapore.
Any player of any age, having any skills, from any country, playing in any position (on the pitch!) is welcome. We have an annual membership, but also offer practice-memberships and senior-citizen-memberships, … depending on the time, efforts and kilo’s you want to spend.

We play in the famous Singapore Cosmo League, and during off-season, enjoy having a range of friendly games with local teams, as well as with teams passing by the region. In addition we have now joined the Mid-Week League of ESPZEN. This provides GAS with the chance to feature a second competetive team and more action during the week.
Every year, we usually travel to 1-2 tournaments around the region and plan in the future a season-end trip to different exotic spots around the swamps of Singapura.

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