Season 2013/14


· We finished 12th this season runners up of the bottom, in season 2012/13, 9th place, in season 2010/11 and 2011/12, 8th place in season 2009/10 and 2008/09, 6th place in season 2007/08.

· We managed to battle to 14 points compared to 27 the season before. 31 points 2012, 32 in 2011,41 in 2010, 40p 2009 and 38p 2008. However in 2009 and 2010 we had 2 games more. Our points per game average dropped down from 1.1ppg to 0.6.

· We scored 37 goals and conceded 71 compared to 44:84 in 2013, compared to 53:62 in 2012, 50:59 2011, 64:59 in 2010, 78:69 in 2009 and 81:72 in 2008. With a goal difference of -36 we score on average 1.59 times per game, conceding goals in avg. 3.23 per game.

· We won our first Cup match vs. Latini after penalty shoot outs with one of the top performances this season. With a clear defeat vs Casuals in the second round the Cup was done for us.

Games played

· We fielded 42 players this season (59,46,44,50,52).

· The title of Mr. Reliability for the season goes to Matthias Bertl remarkable 22 out of 24 possible games (92%). Others to name who crossed the magic 70% participating rate are: Oscar, Michael and Spitzi with 21, followed by Marius with 18, Pipo and Zafer with 17 appearances.

· In terms of minutes played (relying on the 150% accurate substitution records provided in the reports) the title of Mr. Endurance goes to Madse Bertl and Michael Klemm with 1,890 minutes followed by Spitzti 1,785 minutes and Zafer with 1,560 minutes.


· Mr 100% Michael Klemm defended his title as Top Scorer of this year’s CL-Campaign again. With 8 (thereof 2 in the Cup) goals he scored three time less than the previous year. Thereof Michael converted 2 out of 2 penalties (2 out of 2 in 2013).

· Second place goes to Hannes Gruss with 6 goals (in 11 games) and third to Felipe and Jan R. with 5 (one in the cup) goals.

· Other notable scorers: Madse 3, Robert and Mishel with 2, Jens M., Oesi, Matthias L., Daniel H., Marco K., Jan Gehlen with one each

· Other notable non-scorers: Spitzi, Zafer, Marius, Pipo, Jan W.Julius, John, Taube and Schoko ( All players with more than 10 games)

Mr Effectivity

· In terms of Goals / Game Mr Effectivity goes Hannes Gruss 0.545 scores / game.

Men of the match

· Leading men-of-the-match is nobody (we had 22 votes). 3 Votes for Pipo and Daniel S., 2 votes Jan R., Madse B., Spitzi, Zafer, Felipe and Hannes One vote each received Cuong, Torben, John and Mishel. Very well distributed and no “Aussenseiter”. Notably our opponents awarded MoM (Total votes 9) 3 times Michael, twice Zafer and once Madse, Spitzi, Akmal and Jens M. Another German tradition was converting all penalties again this season. The 2 penalties were duly converted by Mr. 100% Klemmi 2x

Final information

· We won 3 games (2013, 7), drew 5 (2013, 6) and lost 14 (2013, 11), excl.Cup matches. (SCC 0 points, Casuals 1, Rangers 3, Swiss 1, Vikings 1, Hibs 3, Latini 1, Hotspurs 3, Olympic 0, Nippon 0, Hollandse 1)

· Leader in the disciplinary table is Schoko with 6 yellow cards followed by defending champion Madse with 5

· In the CL we finished 20 games with 10 players. No Yellow Red card only 2 Reds. Jens Taubken and Hanno Karweit with most likely the never beaten record in the CL with 15 min played the entire season receiving a straight red card. At least one title this season and also in the history of the CL belongs to usJ

· Biggest achievement this season: Not being at the bottom of the league

· 2nd Biggest achievement: Being at the bottom of the fair play table last year, we achieved to be second runners up from the bottom with 38 disciplinary points (42 disciplinary points). Olympic and the Swiss behind us in this competition.

· 3rd Cup match vs Latini won in penalty shoot out

· Last but not least: The most used Nickname in the season 2011/12 was “Sex-Schacher. This years most used word/nickname in season 2012/13 was similar: just replace “acher” with “wein”…..”Sex-Schwein”. This years most used Nickname is not available because there is none. Job for next year: create nicknames plsJ

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