Season 2012/13


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  • We finished 9th, same as in season 2010/11 and 2011/12, 8th place in season 2009/10 and 2008/09, 6th place in season 2007/08.
  • We managed to battle to 27 points compared to 31 points 2012, 32 in 2011,41 in 2010, 40p 2009 and 38p 2008. However in 2009 and 2010 we had 2 games more. Our points per game average dropped down from 1.3ppg to 1.1ppg.
  • We scored 44 goals and received 84, compared to 53:62 in 2012, 50:59 2011, 64:59 in 2010, 78:69 in 2009 and 81:72 in 2008.  -40 goal difference the worst since years and in the league the second runners up in terms of conceding goals.
  • We reached lost our first Cup match vs. Hotspurs 5:1. A 2:2 draw against the Hibs and a 3:2 win vs Hollandse were the results in the cup group stage. Due to the change of rules in the Cup competition we did not make it to the final due to goal difference.

Games played

  • We fielded 59 players this season (46,44,50,52).
  • The title of Mr. Reliability for the season goes to Matthias Spitzmueller and Thomas Nock for a remarkable 22 out of 27 possible games (85%). Others to name who crossed the magic 70% participating rate are: Madse B. and Sascha Heussler with 21, followed by Marius Teich and Michael Klemm with 19 appearances.
  • In terms of minutes played (relying on the 150% accurate substitution records provided in the reports) the title of Mr. Endurance goes also to Thomas Nock with 1,965 minutes followed by Madse 1,789 minutes and Spitzi with 1,725 minutes.


  • Mr 100% Michael Klemm defended his title as Top Scorer of this year’s CL-Campaign. With 11 goals he scored one time less than the previous year. Thereof Michael converted 2 out of 2 penalties (6 out of 6 in 2012).
  • Second place goes to Tobias Bukowski with 8 goals (in 4 games) and third to Thomas Nock with 7 goals.
  • Other notable scorers: Madse 4, Robsn Felipe Oscar and Niki Vetter with 2, Taube Pipo Oesi Markus D. Flo S. Lennart Bursakovic Heussler Jens  Haendler and Dominik with one each
  • Other notable non-scorers: Julius, Jan W. Daniel S., Zafer, Marius and Spitzi ( All players with more than 10 games)

Mr Effectivity

  • In terms of Goals / Game Mr Effectivity goes Tobias Bukowski 2.0 scores / game.

Men of the match

  • Leading men-of-the-match is nobody (we had 13 votes). 2 Votes for Marius and Spitzi, 1 vote for Bukwowski, Heussler, Haas, Wiechmann. Moreno, Nock, Schwarz, Zafer and Klemm . Very well distributed and no “Aussenseiter”.
  • Notably our opponents awarded MoM (Total votes 7) 2 times Bertl and Sascha. Nock, Zafer und Kuehn received one vote


  • Another German tradition was converting all penalties again this season. The 2  penalties were duly converted by Mr. 100% Klemmi 2x, in total 8 penalties less than last season.
  • The conclusion: It is the referees because they know our diving ability

Final information

  • We won 7 games, drew 6 and lost 11, excl.Cup matches. (SCC 0 points, Casuals 0 points, Red Rock 4 points, Rangers 1, Swiss 6, Vikings 0, Hibs 0, Latini 4, Hotspurs 4, Olympic 1, Nippon 1, Hollandse 6)
  • Leader in the disciplinary table is Madse with 7 yellow cards
  • In the CL we finished 20 games with 10 players. 3 Double yellow for Daniel, Taube and Schoko. 1 Red Card for Zafer.
  • Biggest achievement this season: Being ahead of the Swiss since ages
  • 2nd Biggest achievement: Being at the bottom of the fair play table (42 disciplinary points) but still one place ahead the Swiss (45 disciplinary points) J
  • Last but not least: The most used Nickname of last season was “Sex-Schacher. This years most used word/nickname is similar: just replace “acher” with “wein”…..”Sex-Schwein”

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ESPZEN Midweek


We played 24 matches, won 14, drew 3 and lost 7. Interestingly 6 of the 7 losess came as a steak, at a time when we thought we would be sniffing at the top of the table position … With 45 points we were 10 points behind the champions Irish (55 points from 24 matches) or Taneh Merah (52 points with a game in hand). Had we not lost some matches to mid-of-the-table teams like Rock U, Supernova etc, who knows …

We can look back at some great battles and wins: a 4-3 victory against Tanah Merah in the very first match, a 4-0 thrashing of ICE FC in which the league’s top scorer left the pitch after 50 minutes in utter frustration, 6-0 and 5-0 demolitions of Pirates and Home Hunt, or the 1-0 tactical masterpiece against ESPZEN Swift Logistics. All these matches showed what we can achieve as a team. All-in we scored 56 goals, at the moment the fifth best, once all outstanding games are played, possibly  seventh. Our defense only conceded 35 goals, though, which is the second best in the league, perhaps even the best once all matches have been played. The message here is clear: our defense including goalkeepers have been rock-solid, our ability to create opportunities upfront and our strikers performances have room for improvement.


We saw no less than 45 players in action: 5 goalkeepers, 13 defenders, 20 midfielders and 7 strikers. Quite a few players did show very regular commitment to the team and some, like Oscar, improved to an extent that they developed from Midweek into starting-11 Cosmo players.  Thomas Nock played 22 of the 24 matches, and this unwavering loyalty was not the only reason he received the MVP award this year. He also was out top goalscorer. Other very regular players with double digit appearances included Sebastian Zilm (19), Oscar Moreno (18),  Florian Schmidt (17), Matthias Spitzmueller (16), Markus Dolenga (15), Brenden Baxter (14),  John McLaughlin (14), Marius Teich (14),  Julius Weiss (13), Madse Bertl (12), Sascha Heussler (12), Nicolas as goalie (11 appearances, I hope to see you more often next season), Steffen Schacher (11), Jan Wiechmann (11),  Daniel Schmidt (10).


Thomas Nock, unsurprisingly, took the “golden boot” with 16 goals. Outstanding, and third best in the league. He scored one hattrick (the only one for GAS this season) against Westminster during a 4-0 victory. Thomas also proved to be a solid penalty taker with all five having been converted expertly.  Following Thomas were, ranked by age ;-) … Florian Schmidt and Oscar Moreno with 6 goals each,  followed by Brenden Baxter and Sebastian Zilm (4 each) and Michael Klemm (3).


We produced eight clean sheets throughout the season, a very solid performance indeed. Goalies involved were Nicolas (5 times), Zafer (2 times, a 50% quote given four appearances!)  and Brandon Zhang (1)


Oscar Moreno and Thomas Nock bagged 3 MoM awards each, followed by Brenden Baxter, Thomas Berner, Matthias Spitzmueller,  Julius Weiss (2  each).

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