2008 Bangkok

Bangkok 2008

GAS on Tour – Far East Tournament Bangkok March 2008

Bangkok liegt in der Nähe des Äquators, dementsprechend ist es heiß – und vor allem feucht. Auch in der Nacht kühlt es nicht merklich ab…(www.wikipedia.de)

Following the Invitation of our Sister-Team, the German All Stars Bangkok, a bunch of great football skills made their way to the City of Angels to spend a sportive Easter with our beloved ones!

Arrival on Thursday and a special thanks to Schoko for making it happen that 12+ people are sitting together in a booked out “Air Asia Free Seating Flight”. After lovely Dinner Nightlife got discovered. Dancing and Drinking were the main Topics! As well as annoying the Bodyguard of the Band due to too much Stage-Climbing…

Friday started with a nice Boat-Trip through Bangkok followed by a nice little workout on Bicycles through the Slums and Jungle. Very sweaty and only one “bloodfoot” (Plattfuss) happened. “Condition-Wunderkind” Schoko got lost as we were driving a bit to fast – but we discovered him again at a Bar!

Eager to win Silverware we prepared ourselves with a good Seafood Dinner and took a long nap!

The Tournament was set up perfectly …and game on!

After the Traningslager the Meisterschaftsfavoriten had the following Squad to kick some Expats ass:

Goalies were Daniel the Belly and Katze Klaus, supported by mainly Liberos Andi Schnürer and the Spee-Fuchs Marcus K. Manmarkers, to their pleasure, were Swiss-Timemachine Rino, Schoko and Madse “I-Love-To-Play-Defender”. Midfield got covered by Dr. Sascha who urged us with his great oral counterparts (“You cheater!” – “No, I did not cheat!”) and sprinter Thommy. Supported from our technical leaders Heigöö and Florian were Beni Feuerstein and Cosmoleague Coach Martin Sch. who showed throughout the whole Tournament why it is better to have him off the pitch. Upfront we had No-Goal-Klemm, No-Nutella Martin B. and No-Langhaarschneider Hermann. The rest, named Jens (“I have a Jens”), Richard Löwenhatz and Schlawiener Steffen were bought by other teams while injured Andree was just there and looking so damn good…

The teams got lined up by a mix of football skills and motivation of Sportkammeraden Jörg Dörner and Marcus Klinsajew!

We started with a Derby against next Seasons-Cosmoleague-Rivals Hibs Singapore and won that Clash after Sascha most probably got fouled and Thommy finished the Penalty easily. Second game was against Red-Star Kuala Lumpur. And much to our surprise and the short playing time we were not able to score, and 0-0 it was. Third game came again against Cosmo-Rivals, Gotham Latini. After creating nice chances on both sides it was Hermann who scored seconds before the final whistle and showed his Hasselhoff-look-a-like body! Playing in 3 groups of 6 teams made it easy to count that with another win we would be on the save side and start Sundays day relaxed as we would have been reaching top 2 places anyway that would have allowed us to play for the glorious victory! And the team we were facing seemed beatable having not only not won so far but also have a real Indianer and a woman on pitch. To make it a bit difficult Madse lobed in the ball unhaltbarly into the eigenen Maschen. But even after our equalizer we were really bad and lost 3-1. After that devastating result we needed one point on Sunday morning. In order to get a clear head we had dinner which was nicely ordered by Thai-Speaking Jörg (Frän Frai N Tos) and went straight to the pool to relax!

Sunday started against German-All-Stars Bangkok. And we have to admit they were a little better than we and 1-0 it was. Lucky anyway, we managed to get 5th with a record of 2w. 1d, 2 l and had to play Bowl-Cup…Selbst Schuld!!!

We palyed Vietnam and after a Header from Madse and a clacker from Florian we came to the semis. There we played Hibs again and again won this one after Martin lobbed the ball just perfect and another Penalty by Thomas. Plus Kitty-Cat Klaus saved a penalty superbly!!!

Final of the Bowl it was and after a 0-0 penalties came on. As always (and btw. throughout the whole Tournament by all German Teams having to go to penalties) the Germans won this and finally got 13th out of 18 with 5w, 1d, 2 l…too bad if you do not understand the rules!

In the name of the Teams thanks to Marcus Z and Joerg for organizing a unforgettable trip!!! And next year holen wir uns das Ding!!!

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