2008 Manila


So of to Manila we went on the weekend of November 22/23 to play and participate in the so called Nomads Cup. For the first time a German All Stars Team was participating in this 6-a-Side Tournament and the Squad seemed strong enough to play a good role within this lovely Footie-Exercise.
The Team consisted of our Legend in Goal, Kitty Cat “Katze” Klaus. Defenders on this 60×30 meters pitches were Ingo “Sky” Hartmann, Swiss-Reiseleiter Rino Binder-Studies and Finch “Behavior” Bohne. In Midfield we chose to lock up like the Russians did some years ago, having installed former GDR Grenzpatrolien Heigö West-Poland and Ralf Mielke. Support came from running machine Thommy “Schwarzwurscht” Berner. Strikers were our Vietnamese Import Quang “Martin” Schiessl, Sascha-Albert Maric and Madse “240€” Bertl.

A special Thanks to our supporters on the side who were just coming to watch us play – Thanks Stefan “Finch-Lookalike” Berner and Schoko Schacher!!!

After having arrived in Angeles on Thursday we strait went to Dinner, had a relaxing massage and went to bed as the flight was arriving quite late…During the flight nothing special happened – to our surprise Ice was available throughout the whole flight. Again a special thanks to Rino for taking care of that!!! Only the Berner-Bros lost a Fingerhackl contest.
Friday we went to Manila and after some sightseeing nightlife got discovered – some might say this is the reason for the bad start on Saturday…
So Saturday morning the first match was against Shanghai who bought our Midfield machine Jörg Feigö over and therefore deserved to get their asses kicked. That happened quite good – we had no shot on goal and lost 2 – 0. Nevertheless we still had the chance to go through to the last 16 and prepared ourselves well. So 5 – 0 it was for us with goals from Ralf (3x), Martin and Sascha. This already seemed to be enough to finish the group on position 2 – despite a high loss againt the Manila Nomads Kiddies. They played fast and nice and so 1 – 1 it was after Madse´s freekick. That was it for Saturday in we finished the group 2nd and Qualified for Sunday´s Play-Offs.
There we were facing Singapore Rivals called Nomads. They won all of there Group-Stage matches. But after no nightlife we won this encounter 2 – 1 after goals from Martin and Ralf. So ¼-Final it was were we met Hongkong based Swiss. We had a terrible performance and after a brilliant goal from their side we lost 2 – 0 and game over.

Thanks to all who were participating, especially Rino for the great Organisation of this tour!!! We all had a great time!!!

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